DABTRON n; a once in a while concentrate only gathering created by and for oilheads
FRI. SEPT 27, 2013
Location To Be Announced

DABTRON 2 Is Tonight – 2951 W. Ball Rd. Anaheim CA, 92804

Tonight is going to be AWESOME

DABTRON 2 is tonight from 7:00 – 10:00pm at 2951 W. Ball Rd in Anaheim in the old Beach Ball Club building. (Same location as DABTRON 1)

Going to be an incredible party hosted by 5 of the biggest and best concentrate companies in the game.

-Galaxy High


-West Coast Cure

-Killer Koncentrates

-BHOSS Extracts

Come by, take a load off and say high. It’s going to be pretty crowded but I think we’ve done a good job of making room for everyone. Same rules as last time. Let’s Get Globby!


Galaxy High Extracts Sponsoring DABTRON 2!

Galaxy High Extracts in L.A. is bringing the fire down to DABTRON 2!

We just confirmed Galaxy High as the 5th and final concentrate sponsor for the party and we couldn’t be happier.

Known for giant slabs of incredibly yellow errls, Galaxy High is a name to know in the concentrate game. I’m really looking forward to checking out their wares as you can be sure it’s going to be a great night!

Be sure to head over to www.GalaxyHighExtracts.com and take a look at what they have going on.

Nextracts Sponsoring DABTRON 2!

I know all you S. County heads know the name Nextracts and now it’s time for everyone else to as well. Nextracts has stepped up as an official sponsor of DABTRON 2 and we are all stoked.

They are the 4th concentrate company to sign on to the event.

Nextracts always brings the fire with their 100% ‘de-waxed’ concentrates made with an Artisan’s touch. They are going to fit right in that’s for sure.

For more information be sure to come by DABTRON 2 or head over to www.Nextracts.com and check out the website.


KILLER Koncentrates Are Sponsoring DABTRON 2!

If you dab and live in Orange County you may have already heard of KILLER Koncentrates. If not, you are in for a great surprise.

KK has very quickly established a foothold in the concentrate game by consistently putting out clean, smelly, dank shatters and sugars that can easily compete with the best of them.

One look at the KILLER Koncentrates website and you can see they are producing a top quality product.

DABTRON 2 is going to be a heel of a night. Trust me when I tell you you don’t want to miss waht KK is bringing!

BHOSS Is Sponsoring DABTRON 2!

BHOSS Extracts is going to be present at the upcoming DABTRON 2 and you can bet this means FIRE!

In just a few months BHOSS has made a name for themselves in the wax game with house strains like BHOSS OG and B3000.

Come to DABTRON 2 and see for yourself because as they say ‘the proof is in the pudding’ and this pudding is fucking good! (Not sure that’s how the actual saying ends)

On the BHOSS website you can see some really nice ultra high resolution images of the type of fire you will be seeing at DABTRON 2. AMAZING stuff.


West Coast Cure Sponsoring DABTRON 2!

West Coast Cure is the most popular name in the concentrate game due to the strength and popularity of the Hardcore OG. You can bet they will be bringing the fire to DABTRON. In case you missed it, go check out the video highlights from DABTRON 1 and you will see WCC knows how to party.

I can’t guarantee anything but chances are the award winning Hardcore OG will be in the house. Maybe a little Paris to match!

Head over to the WCC Facebook page and take a look at what they’ve been up to.

DABTRON 2 is Happening Friday September 27, 2013

I know it’s been too long of a wait but you know what they say, ‘Better Late than Never’ and it’s time for DABTRON 2!

It’s going down Friday September 27th, 2013 from 7:00-10:00pm somewhere in Orange County. Location will be announced the morning of the event.

DABTRON 1 was a complete success and everyone who attended had a great time.

We are looking at different venues for DABTRON 2 but at the end of the day you can bet it’s going to be a blast!

Make sure you RSVP if you have a Facebook account so we can get a general idea of how many people to expect.

Shoot any questions you have to info@dabtron.com